Release Note Highlights 2019

Lavu is on a mission. We want to make your job easier by providing the very best point of sale solution for your business. We've been working hard this year to deliver that solution by frequently releasing software updates to enhance the stability of our app through server and infrastructure improvements. We fixed bugs, we added new features, and finally, this summer we released a new streamlined version of our App and Control Panel with the release of Lavu 4.


There were so many improvements made to our software this year that you may have missed some. In this article we'll provide a list of enhancements from the first half of 2019, with links to articles detailing some of the major changes, and a list of upcoming features and enhancements. 


πŸ’š Lavu 4: New and improved design provides a fast, intuitive experience:

  • Redesigned modifier and combo flows
  • Enhanced receipt printing options
  • Default tab pre-authorization option

πŸ’š Offline order syncing now available! Call 855-528-8457 and we’ll enable it for you.
πŸ’š Kitchen Nicknames allows the BOH to customize menu item names in their own words.
πŸ’š Chip and tap credit card reader now supported for PayPal
πŸ’š Offline payments now supported through PayPal
πŸ’š DTiQ security camera integration for theft and fraud protection

Upgrade to the Lavu 4 POS app to make sure you’re taking advantage of all Lavu has to offer!

Control Panel

πŸ’š Lavu 4 Control Panel: Enhanced usability and performance throughout. For details, download the CP4 User Guide PDF.


πŸ’š New User Interface and new modules including: 

  • Dashboard
  • End of Day
  • Workforce Management
  • Transactions

πŸ’š PayPal and Square Extensions


New shortcut for the Webgift Portal


Enhanced Time Cards & Scheduling Features
My Account redesign to track Lavu Billing
Transaction and payment log including advanced search

Upgrade to the Lavu 4 control panel to make sure you’re taking advantage of all Lavu has to offer! 


πŸ’š Offline payment support so you’re covered no matter what
πŸ’š Customer facing sales flow including signature and tipping
πŸ’š User-friendly onboarding process
πŸ’š Duplicate payment protection logic

Lavu To Go

πŸ’š Now available in Spanish
πŸ’š New and improved Pizza Creator
πŸ’š Limited modifier flow


πŸ’š New user-friendly interface including:

  • Menu screen with continuous scrolling for a smoother customer experience
  • Intuitive modifier flow for easier ordering
  • Updated splash screen to grab customer attention

πŸ’š New settings and checkout customization options in Control Panel 4
πŸ’š Lavu Gift enabled as a payment method

Details for Kiosk enhancements can be found here and here.

Other Enhancements

πŸ’š New Lavu / Omnivore Marketplace provides a comprehensive selection of restaurant technology


πŸ’š New features for Norway fiscal compliance
πŸ’š Integration with Compeat/CTUIT is now available

Coming Soon


πŸ’š Switch between multiple locations to manage inventory
πŸ’š Manage ingredients using various units of measure
πŸ’š Create Prep-Ingredients for in-house prep
πŸ’š Keep track of vendors & contact information
πŸ’š Create counts which automatically update your ingredient quantity on hand
πŸ’š Input invoices to see average cost per Ingredient
πŸ’š Understand actual total food cost

Reports 4

πŸ’š On-demand reporting with greater flexibility
πŸ’š 60+ built-in standard reports that can be tailored to your restaurant
πŸ’š Easily buildable custom reports
πŸ’š Period over Period comparisons
πŸ’š Format your data your way
πŸ’š Use relative dates like β€œyesterday” and β€œlast week” so reports are relevant


πŸ’š Offline support for 50+ devices
πŸ’š Israel fiscal compliance
πŸ’š Offline support for the pizza creator
πŸ’š 86ing menu items from the POS
πŸ’š iPod POS 4 beta
πŸ’š New tip flow and server tips screen
πŸ’š Automatic capturing and batching
πŸ’š Offline transaction audit report
πŸ’š VP3300 credit card reader support
πŸ’š 86ing Lavu To Go items from the POS
πŸ’š 86ing Kiosk items from the POS
πŸ’š Kiosk will be available in the UK and Australia

We look forward to providing you with the best POS solution money can buy as we continue to add features and resolve technological issues. If you need more details or would like some assistance in  implementing any of the features listed,  don't hesitate to call us at 855-528-8457.



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