My Account

My Account

The existing My Account page of the Control Panel has been redesigned.  This page is provided for you to manage your Lavu billing. New features include the ability to:

  • have multiple payment methods.
  • view credits and overdue billing details.
  • easily access Lavu contact information.
  • add an American Express payment method.

The My Account enhancements and new functionality are available for access level 3 and 4 users only.

To access the My Account page, click the expansion icon on the top right of the Control Panel, next to your account name, and click the My Account button.



On the My account page, you can see Credit and Overdue amounts.


Your Next payment date, number of Terminals, Billing Frequency,  and your Recurring Payment are displayed here.


You now have access to PDFs of your invoices. Just click the expansion icon (>) next to the invoice you're interested in. A PDF file will be downloaded to your computer.



Click View Payment Methods, to display and make changes to payment methods.


In the example below you can see an Active payment method that is also the Default Payment method, and an Inactive payment method. The Default Payment method is the card that will be used to make payments to Lavu.


There are also options buttons (ellipsis) for each card (except for the Default payment card), and an Add card button to add additional payment methods. A card can be the Default Payment method only if it is Active. 


If one of your credit cards should expire, or is closed due to fraud or other unexpected reason, you'll be able to add a new card, make it your Default Payment, and avoid any interruption in services due to late payment. 

Clicking the Add card button will open the following window to enter credit card information for the new card.


Scroll down to complete the entries.



Click Submit when done.

If you have questions about your account billing,


You'll see the Lavu Support page.


You can call, email, or Create a ticket from this page.



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