Section 4.3.1a: Advanced Location Settings - Currency Settings

Section 4.3.1a: Advanced Location Settings - Currency Settings

Advanced Location Settings is home to numerous important and vital settings. It is absolutely necessary for each location to become familiar with these settings and how they effect the functionality of the Lavu POS App.

In Currency Settings, the following settings can be defined:

  • Primary currency
  • Secondary currency (for receipts)
  • Secondary currency exchange rates
  • Monetary Symbols
  • Decimal/Comma placement


  1. Log into the Admin Control Panel at
  2. Click Settings > Location. 


  1. Click Advanced Location Settings located under “Location Settings”.


Currency Settings is the first section of the Advanced Location Settings page.

currencySettings.pngFIGURE 3


  1. Select the Primary currency code from the drop-down list.

    currency_code_drop-down.pngFIGURE 4

  2. Enter the appropriate Monetary Symbol in the text field.

    monetarySymbol.pngFIGURE 5

  3. Select the Secondary currency code (for receipts) from the drop-down list.

    secondarycode.pngFIGURE 6

  4. Enter the appropriate Secondary Monetary Symbol and the Secondary currency receipt label in the text fields.

    secondary_text_fileds.pngFIGURE 7

  5. To edit the Secondary Currency exchange rates click View/Edit.

    edit.pngFIGURE 8

    On the Edit Secondary Currency Exchange Rates page, click ADD RATE to update to the latest exchange rate and effective date. 

  6. Choose the Access level required to edit exchange rate in the POS application.
  7. Choose the Monetary symbol position (Before number, or After number).
  8. Enable or Disable Display monetary symbol on printed and emailed receipts. Local laws and personal preference dictate the use of this setting.


    FIGURE 9

  9. Choose the Decimal separator character (None, ., or , (period or comma)).
  10. Enable or disable secondary currency display on receipts.
  11. Select the Number of decimal places (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4).

Once all changes have been made, scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Location Settings page and click SAVE.

In order for the changes to take effect in the Lavu POS App be sure to Reload Settings on all devices. 


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