Lavu POS 4 - Order Search and Filters

This article will demonstrate two features of the Lavu POS 4 App: Searching Orders and Order Filters. These features are useful when voiding and refunding payments. Search and filters are available for closed, open, and voided orders. 

On the Lavu POS 4 App, tap the hamburger menu icon, on the bottom left of the screen.


Tap Orders.



The order screen will open. From here you can select Open, Closed, or Voided orders.
You can then enter an order # or the last 4 digits of a credit card number to find a specific order.


You can sort the list or add filters to narrow the search (reduce the number of orders listed on the screen).

If you choose sort, you'll be presented with these choices:


If you choose Filters, you'll be presented with these choices:


You can scroll down to see more order type choices, tap the X to return to the Orders screen, or tap the filters you need to narrow the search.

You can narrow the search to a particular server, or a group of servers. The sample screen below shows Donatello selected. There is a convenient Select All button to widen the search to all servers.


Tapping DONE, when you're finished setting the Filter orders by server, will initiate the search of orders for the selected servers, and display the results on the orders screen. Tap the <-- icon to return to the Orders filter screen to select other filters. 

Select a choice for Filter by Date range. You may be able to narrow the search significantly if you know the date range of the order. If you select Custom for the date range filter, the following screen will appear.


Today's date is marked with a dot. Swipe downward to see past months. Tap Start date, then tap a day on the calendar to set the start date. Tap End date to select the end date of the date range. Tapping DONE will run the search. The Orders screen will open showing the results. Tapping the <-- icon will bring back the Order filters screen to select additional filters. 

Select the Order Types you would like search. The choices are:

  • To Go
  • Catering
  • Dine In
  • Tax Exm
  • Online

Tap DONE, when you're done making filter selections, to return to the Orders screen displaying the filtered list of orders. When you find the order you were looking for Tap it to display the order. 


At this point you can Reopen the order, print it, or send it in an email. 
For more information please see the article Lavu POS 4 - Void or Refund an Order.


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