January 28, 2020 Release Notes

Product Updates

A summary of updates and fixes to help you get the most out of Lavu.

Enhancement Highlights

💚 iPad camera can be used to scan a Lavu Gift card barcode to load a gift card, or to use a gift card as a payment option
💚 Enhanced UX when splitting combined items to new checks or orders
💚 Tax exemptions can now be added to your checkout layout so orders can be made tax exempt quicker
💚 Timecards Paid Break Feature in Control Panel 4


POS 4.2.2

iPad camera can be used to scan a Lavu Gift card barcode to load gift card or to use a gift card as a payment option 

The camera on an iPad can be used to scan barcodes on Lavu Gift cards to load the gift card during the sales process. The camera can also be used to scan the barcode when using the Lavu Gift card for payment. 

Enhanced UX when splitting combined items to new checks or orders

When items have been combined on a check and a user wants to split the combined items, they will now be prompted with the number pad so they can quickly key in the quantity of the item they want to split.





IMG_0130_3.jpeg     IMG_0131_2.jpeg



Tax exemptions can now be added to your checkout layout so orders can be made tax-exempt quicker

Tax exemptions can now be added to your checkout layout to allow you and your staff to quickly make orders tax exempt.





Control Panel 4

UI Enhancements & Mobile Experience

The Control Panel 4.0 required improvements to refresh and update Interface Components in order to create a more uniform User Interface.  We also needed to make CP4 more responsive to enhance the mobile experience. These changes were made to navigation and UI components in:

  • End of Day Overview Module
  • Transaction Module Overflow Menu (Orders & Payments)
  • Transaction Module Payment Signature
  • Transaction Module Order Details
  • Mobile Navigation of the Control Panel and its Modules

Timecards Paid Breaks Feature

We needed to provide locations the ability to enable “Paid Breaks” in order for users to cover any labor laws of their respective US States.  By enabling and configuring this feature, the location can manage unpaid and paid breaks as needed. This feature is covered in three user sections:

  • Employee Breaks in Workforce Settings: Allows the user to Enable the feature.  This configuration will set the rules on how the break details will be calculated in the Timecards.



  • Create/Edit Timecard: The user can indicate a “Clocked out for Break” by checkbox selected.  This will generate a “break” detail record based on the next clock in on the user's timecard.



  • Detail Timecards:  User will see detail “Paid” or “Unpaid” breaks based on the configuration set in the Employee breaks Workforce settings.



Payment Refunds

Previously on the Control Panel Transactions, a user would see a Refund column along with a Payment column.  We have consolidated these columns and labeled it “Amount”. If the amount is a refund, the user will then also see the label “Refund” in a red font just below the “Payment ID” indicating this is a refund record.

Bug Fixes

POS 4.2.2

  • Multiple stability enhancements and crash fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where the auto gratuity amount was updated and affected previously closed orders 
  • Fixed an issue where the quick tip options were not respecting the tip calculation scheme selected
  • Fixed a bug where manually entered PayPal transactions did not report the same as PayPal payments processed using a card reader
  • Fixed a bug where PayPal transactions would appear with an unknown card type
  • Fixed a rare bug where manually entered American Express card would decline with PayPal
  • Fixed multiple display bugs with iPad Pros
  • Fixed a bug where a list of forced modifiers is displayed after entering a *Quantity modifier
  • Fixed a bug where a DTT camera was not receiving events sent from the POS
  • Fixed a rare bug where a user was prompted to clock in when they attempted to PIN in within a minute of clocking in
  • Fixed a rare bug where items disappeared from an order when the order was sent to the kitchen
  • Fixed a bug where Lavu Gift and Lavu Loyalty numbers were not linking properly from chained accounts
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t combine like items from Lavu To Go orders
  • Fixed a bug with the tip sharing report where the hours worked didn’t appear as a decimal
  • Fixed a rare bug where items would duplicate on an order
  • Deprecated the Low Level Alert feature from Inventory 1
  • Fixed a rare bug where the tip out amount was incorrect on some server summary reports
  • Fixed a timeout for the Sales by Order ID report
  • Fixed a bug where PayPal tips were not subtracted when using the setting “Include amount owed as cash sales minus card tips on the server summary”
  • Fixed a filtering bug when filtering by menu category




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