Epson KDS - Adding a New MicroTouch Screen

This short article will show you how you can add a new display from MicroTouch to your existing Epson KDS setup

Note: This article is meant to be used for Epson KDS setups that use exclusively hardware from MicroTouch.

Adding a new display to your Epson KDS setup can have many benefits, including clearer communication between your wait and kitchen staff. Once you have your display where you want, and it is connected to power and your network, you will need to add the device to your KDS Configurator.

We highly recommend that you contact our Lavu support team at 505-535-5288 for assistance. This will ensure that the new display is added to your KDS configurator, as well as your Lavu Control Panel and menu.

To access the KDS Configurator, open a web browser on your computer, and type in the IP address of one of your Epson KDS devices. Click here to learn how to find the IP address if you don't already have it.

Log in using the default username and password.


Password: 123456


Once logged in, click on Stations at the top, then click on Devices on the left. To begin adding your new screen, click Add New Device.


You will then be given a choice as to how you want to connect to your new KDS device. The easiest method is to Search for it. The Configurator will begin scanning your network looking for new KDS devices to connect to. Once it has been found, simply click on it.


Once the device has been added, you can now connect it to a station. This represents the profile Epson KDS uses to ensure items are forwarded to the correct screen(s).

Click on Stations on the left hand side, and then click on Add New Station. You then simply need to fill out the following form:


Give your new Station a name, choose your display type, and then select a grid and device. Now click Save and then Publish to finish adding your new screen to your KDS setup.


For further support, please contact our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email