Dual Tablet Display Stand Assembly Instructions

A short article that shows you how to assemble the Gemini Dual Tablet Stand for Lavu POS and Lavu Customer Facing Display

The Gemini Dual Tablet Stand allows you to rig two iPads to a single stand. One iPad will face you and your team (Lavu POS) and the other will face your customer (Lavu Display).


Both tablets are mounted to the stand in the same way. The only tool you will need is a screwdriver, as well as the key provided in the packaging to open the cases that surround the iPads.

Step 1


Place the case against the stand and attach the four screws to combine the two pieces.

Step 2


Remove the face plate of the case using the provided key as shown in the image above.

Step 3


Feed your charging cable through the stand as shown above, and connect it to your iPad.

Step 4


Place your iPad into the case and reattach the face plate using the provided key.


Gemini Dual Tablet Stand Support Site


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email .