Epson Printer Error - Printing Random Letters and Numbers

A short article showing you how to clear an Epson printer's cache, which will resolve issues of printing random letters and numbers.

Very rarely, an Epson printer will begin printing random letters and numbers when orders or receipts are sent to your printers.

This happens because the printer's short term memory is full. To resolve this we simply need to clear the printer's cache, which clears its short term memory.

Follow the instructions below to clear the printer's cache.

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Hold down the feed button (the button that forces paper to print). epson_printer_feed
  3. While holding the feed button down, turn the printer on.
  4. Once the printer prints, let go of the feed button.
  5. Press the feed button once, and you will receive a printout that says Complete. epson_cleared_cache

Note: If you do not press the feed button again after the first print out, your printer will remain in maintenance mode, and will not be able to print anything. You can also turn the printer off and back on to take it out of maintenance mode.