Lavu POS Integration with VP3300 CardReader

The VP3300 from ID TECH is a cutting-edge payment acceptance device with triple-track MagStripe, smart card, and contactless technologies. It is an all-in-one reader that accepts various payment methods, including MagStripe, EMV smart card, and contactless payments. 



If you have chosen to partner with Lavu Pay with CardConnect and wish to use this new card reader, the Lavu Onboarding team will ensure your company account is integrated and configured for this setup.


Below is an example showing the card integration settings when the Lavu Pay payment gateway is enabled.


Connect the VP3300 Card Reader to your POS

Before connecting the VP3300 card reader to your POS, there are specific points that you need to consider.

  • To connect the VP3300 to the POS, Bluetooth should be turned on the iPad.
  • The VP3300 should be fully charged or connected to a power source before pairing.
  • If you use a Vault case to mount the card reader, ensure the vault case battery is fully charged.

Log into the Lavu POS app, and tap the menu button in the bottom left corner.


Tap on Settings, then tap on Card Reader Settings.


Tap on Scan Terminals.


The POS will then scan your local network for any available VP3300 card readers. This process can take several minutes to complete.


After completing the scan, the POS will display any available readers. Simply tap the reader you want to connect to.

Important Note: 

We recommend connecting one device at a time if you have more than one VP3300 reader. If you have multiple devices turned on and ready to connect to Lavu, you should match the five digits you see in the image above with the last four digits of the serial number on the reader.


After pairing the VP3300 card reader with the POS, you can find its details by navigating to Card Reader Settings and tapping VP3300 Information. 


How to Unpair the POS app with VP3300?


Once the reader is connected to the POS, the name and serial number will be shown on the card reader settings.


Go to Settings, click Card Reader Settings, and tap the Disconnect button. 


Click the Confirm Disconnect button to unpair the VP3300 card reader from the POS. 

Once a reader has been disconnected from your iPad, it can be connected to a different iPad using Lavu POS.

Note: If you use a Vault mobile case with your VP3300, you can view the assembly instructions here


General Information of VP3300 Card Reader


Key Features:

  1. Contactless Reader
  2. Smart Card Reader
  3. MagStripe Card Reader


LED Indication - There are three LEDs located on the back of the device that indicate various statuses.

  • The top LED light indicates the current state of the Bluetooth connection.

                  i. When the LED light is off, it means that Bluetooth is currently in sleep mode.

                  ii. When the LED light flashes at a normal speed, it means that Bluetooth is in standby mode.

                 iii. When the LED light flashes quickly for a short period of time, it means that Bluetooth has been paired and is now connected.

  • The middle LED light signifies that the device is processing the payment.
  • The bottom LED light displays the current status of the battery.

                i. When the LED  light is a constant red color, it indicates that the battery is charging.

               ii. When the LED light flashes yellow, the battery level is running low. It indicates that you are advised to either charge the battery or connect the device to a power source.

              iii. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED light will stop flashing.


Standby Mode - When your device is not connected to power and is inactive for 20 seconds, it automatically goes into standby mode to save battery life. Press the power button on the device's side to activate the device. You do not need to pair the device with your tablet; it should automatically reconnect within 15 to 30 seconds.

Click here to learn more about the VP3300 card reader.


Trouble Shooting VP3300 Card Reader

Pairing Issues - If you're experiencing difficulty connecting your device to the app, follow these instructions.

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth on your iOS device is turned on.
  • Ensure that your tablet has no active Bluetooth connections and no devices (for example, headphones) are connected to the auxiliary jack or Lightning port. 
  • To successfully pair the device, make sure you're trying to connect it through the Lavu app rather than the Bluetooth menu on your tablet. Also, ensure that the device is fully charged or is plugged into a power source.


Identifying your Device - When you have multiple devices to pair in your POS app, it's important to recognize the specific device you're trying to connect with. When you're trying to pair with the device, it will show up as "IDTECH-VP3300-#####" where ##### represents the last five digits of the serial number found on a label at the bottom of the device. Ensure this number matches the card reader you are attempting to pair.

For further support, please get in touch with our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email