Lavu QR Codes with Up N' Go

A short article detailing how Lavu can integrate with Up N' Go to print QR codes for payments on your checks.

Lavu's partnership with Up N' Go provides a way for you print QR codes on your printed checks. These QR codes will give your customers the ability to pay for their order right from the table.

Here is an example of a printed check with the QR code:


Each QR code will be specifically generated for each order, so there's no chance of one of your customers paying for someone else's order. Once the order is paid for, the order will automatically be closed on the POS.

If for whatever reason the check is not printing, you can display the order's QR code on the POS using the Up N' Go payment button that will be added to your checkout screen.


Please note that these QR codes are not meant to show your customer's your menu. Please refer to Menu Drive's QR code functionality for presenting your menu through QR codes.

Please reach out to our sales team at 505-535-5288 for more information, or to sign up for Up N' Go to start using QR codes in payment processing.