Lavu Reports - Sales by Category

A brief overview of the Sales by Category report in the Lavu Control Panel.

The Sales by Category report will automatically break down your typical sales report into your menu categories.


Once a date range is set, reports will adjust accordingly. Select closed or opened orders from the drop-down. Sales by Category are broken down by item total, tax, total, etc. It can also be broken down by individual cashier activity.

Click on the cashier to the right, and the reports will adjust accordingly.


Reports are exportable to .txt files, .xls files or .csv files.


Pie charts and bar charts are viewable for Sales by Category reports. Just select the type of chart you would like to see.





You can also adjust the chart for Quantity, Item total, modifiers, etc. Just select what you want to see from the drop-down "What would you like to graph?" 



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