Menu Drive and Lavu Pay

An article detailing how to sign up for Lavu Pay from your Menu Drive Control Panel.

LavuPay is powered by CardConnect, a leader in the online payments sphere. LavuPay is fully integrated with Lavu POS. When you have LavuPay, Lavu POS, and MenuDrive, you have. A holistic all-in-one system for restaurant operations. Have questions? See LavuPay FAQ.

Start by expanding Settings on the left-side navigation menu.


Then select Payments, and Sign up for LavuPay from the Payment Options page.


Fill out the LavuPay Application directly from your Admin Control Panel.



Click Save & Continue to complete the application. One of our LavuPay specialists will contact you to complete the application process.
For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email .