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MenuDrive 11.1 Release Notes

Release Date: March 29th, 2023

Features :

  • QR Code - MenuDrive's latest update includes a new feature that generates QR codes for the storefront URL. It can be added to websites, social media, and flyers to help customers find their MenuDrive storefronts more easily. 

Enhancements : 

  • The text option in the Design Settings of MenuDrive Admin Control Panel has been changed from "No time for design? Choose a template from our library” to "No time for design? View a template from our library.”

  • In the email campaign, the unsubscribe text has been updated from “To unsubscribe to future offers: click here” to “To unsubscribe from future offers, please click here.”

  • The prices of Forced Modifiers of MenuDrive orders are now visible in the forced modifier price column of the order contents table in Lavu.

  • The title of the Marketing page in the MenuDrive Admin Control Panel has been changed from "Revenue Engine" to "Marketing."

  • All new and existing customers will now have the option to use the "QR Code Dine-In" feature, as it has been enabled by default in this release.

  • Patrons can place an order with the coupon as per the number of times the coupon can be redeemed.