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MenuDrive 11.2 Release Notes

Release Date: April 19th, 2023

Features :

  • 86 Inventory Count - Our latest update on MenuDrive has brought in a new feature that enables you to check the availability of ingredients in stock for menu items, modifiers, and forced modifiers in Lavu POS. This allows the two systems to talk to each other and therefore have true inventory counts and availability for any given item(s).

Enhancements : 

  • In the current updates, the Lavu Control Panel will reflect the 86 Item Count and 86 Inventory Count based on the order count, and the order type must be in ASAP, as Advanced Orders will not affect inventory levels.
  • An error message may appear when placing an order if the item quantity added to the order exceeds the 86 Item Count and 86 Inventory Count. You need to adjust the quantity to continue with the order for a hassle-free experience.
  • The MenuDrive Admin Control Panel's "Track In LavuPOS" option’s hover text has been updated to "Allows customer to track 86 Count/86 Inventory Count only for LavuPOS and order type ASAP" under the Location Profile setting.