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MenuDrive 11.3 Release Notes

Release Date: June 21st, 2023

MenuDrive has launched a new storefront portal at free of cost for all Menu Drive customers with enhanced user experience with new user-friendly features.

To switch to the latest MenuDrive online ordering storefront, contact the Lavu support team at your convenience. You can reach them by calling 505-535-5288 or emailing support@lavu.com.


  • New Storefront - MenuDrive's latest update has added a new toggle option, allowing you to upgrade to the new MenuDrive online ordering storefront.



Welcome Pop-Up

  • If you choose the latest MenuDrive online ordering storefront offered in this release, each visitor to your storefront will be greeted with a pop-up that allows them to select the type of order and when they want to receive it and also show them the restaurant's address.

Home Page

  • The latest homepage of the MenuDrive online ordering storefront prominently showcases the restaurant's name at the top, ensuring it is easily visible to your store visitors.

  • Your store visitors can easily access the "Order Type selections, Order priority selections, and Start a Group Order buttons" on the new MenuDrive online ordering storefront homepage.

  • The footer image on the newly designed MenuDrive online ordering storefront includes links to important sections like About Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and a Powered by Lavu image. These links provide visitors with valuable information about the restaurant and its policies.

  • Visitors can now access operational details about the MenuDrive online ordering storefront's location by clicking the "View Restaurant Information" link on the revamped homepage.

  • The MenuDrive online ordering storefront portal's home page has been redesigned to include horizontal tabs displaying the Menu Groups, allowing visitors to easily access the menu items under each group.

  • On the revamped MenuDrive online ordering storefront homepage, each menu group has its own categories, and now store visitors can easily access these categories and view the corresponding menu items.



  • In the current update, we have introduced an interactive Carousel display that effectively highlights discount coupons to grab your MenuDrive online ordering store visitors’ attention.
  • The homepage of the new MenuDrive online ordering storefront features a "Coupons" tab, which allows store visitors to view all active coupons.


  • In the current updates, your MenuDrive online ordering store visitors can copy the coupon code from the coupon details pop-up by clicking the copy icon.

Order Information

  • All your customers will experience the new Order information page UI (User Interface) from this release while placing their orders.


Order Summary

  • On the Order Summary page, your customers can see the overall cost of the items at the top of the page and in a more detailed section.


Mobile Version View

  • Your MenuDrive online ordering storefront's mobile users will enjoy enhanced user experiences with the latest web updates.
  • On the latest mobile version of the MenuDrive online ordering storefront homepage, your customers will see the cart icon located at the top left corner. 
  • The cart icon displays the number of items in the cart. Customers need to click on the cart icon to proceed with the order checkout.