Register Functions - Paid In / Paid Out

Register Functions - Paid In / Paid Out

Do you need to add a roll of quarters to the drawer in the middle of a shift? That's a paid in. Do you need to run to the store for 2% milk because the delivery truck is late? If you use money from your cash drawer to buy the milk, that's a paid out.

Here's how you record these transactions to ensure that your cash drawer is balanced at the end of the shift.



These instructions are for the Lavu POS App. Download it from the app store today!

  1. Tap the menu button in the bottom left corner
  2. Tap Functions
  3. Tap Register Functions
  4. Tap either Paid In (record money added to drawer) or Paid Out (record money removed from the drawer)
  5. Enter the reason for the action
  6. Tap Continue


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