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Release Notes POS 5.21

POS v5.12.2, Release Date: September, 5th, 2023


Lavu Data Lock Sync - Lavu has just launched a new feature called "Lavu Data Lock Sync" in its latest update. This new feature allows customers to edit orders safely on multiple devices without issue. A "lock/unlock" mechanism is also available, which gives the user the ability to monitor/edit the lock status (located under the current sync status).



  • Lavu released an update making pay rate entry optional when editing or creating a new user.
  • The labor report now includes updated calculative logic using NET sales instead of Gross for labor cost and labor cost percentage.
  • This release adds the details of Card Tips, Cash Tips, Auto Gratuity, and Total Tips to Export Summary 2 and Export Details 2 in the TimeCard Report.
  • The help page within the Lavu POS app has been updated with the current Lavu logo and a chatbot.
  • An issue has been resolved where the New Tip Screen does not load when the order count is too high.
  • From this release, the POS app's Clock Out print receipt will include the current week's total working hours along with the hours worked on that day.
  • This release adds an "Optional Class Code" option to the employee class configuration page. The employee class code details are now included in Export Summary 2 and Export Details 2 of the Time Card Report.
  • Fixed the issue where the End of Day report did not report the correct sales in the presence of MenuDrive sales and tips.
  • An issue has been resolved where the Gratuity applied to split checks was not being calculated on the Overview page of the End of Day report.
  • The name of the forced modifier menu is updated correctly in Spanish as "MODIFICADORES FORZOSOS" in the Lavu Control Panel.