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Release Notes POS 5.22

Release Date: October, 4th, 2023 Lavu POS Apple store release: POS v5.12.4


  • Lavu has recently enhanced the 'End of Day Overview' page on the CP portal. The new and improved report now offers clear and properly sequenced information, enabling managers to easily conclude the business day with all imperative information at their fingertips.
  • The issue that caused the 'Tipout Rules' and 'Tip Withholding Rules' not to be accurately reported on Printed Server Summaries and Tip Sharing reports is fixed and resolved.
  • An issue with incorrect “Tip Pooling” reporting in the “Tip Sharing” report in the Lavu CP portal has been fixed. 
  • The users of Lavu POS on multiple devices can use multiple integrated card readers (Bolt, iDynamo & VP3300) through the CardConnect payment gateway.
  • The wrong page navigation issue is resolved as selecting the Settings → 'Card Integration' menu in the Lavu CP portal will now redirect users to the 'Card Integration' page instead of showing the dashboard page.
  • The issue in which servers logged in the Lavu POS app can accept orders even when the server had not clocked in is fixed and resolved.
  • We have resolved an issue where payments made through external online ordering systems were not being reflected in Lavu POS for a customer location when the order status was closed.
  • The 'No Tip' option is moved to the right-most side of the 'Tip and Customer Sign' screen in the Lavu POS app. This change encourages customers to leave a tip rather than selecting the 'No Tip' option. 

  • The Lavu POS app will no longer feature the 'More' button on the guest count screen, making it easier for customers to enter the guest count.

  • The Time Cards Report in the Lavu CP portal is added with a new column, “Class Code.” 
  • The "Class Code" column is now included in the exported CSV format of the "Export Details Report" in the Time Cards Report in the Lavu CP portal.
  • The ledger report in the Lavu POS app will now have details of Tips and Taxes collected for online orders(MenuDrive).
  • The menu item management page in the Lavu CP portal is enhanced to include recipe cost information for menu items. The Menu Item addition section in the Lavu CP portal has been updated to include "Recipe Cost & Recipe Cost Margin'' fields along with the existing fields.
  • The "Name" field in the "Timecard Summary and Timecard Details Reports" has been replaced with two new fields: "First Name" and "Last Name".
  • The enhanced "Server Summary Report" now includes a new section for all card types, displaying payment details and counts for each type.
  • The "Super Group” Section will now appear before order details in the Server Summary report in the Lavu CP portal.