Tax Exemptions in Lavu

This article will help you to understand how to create Tax Exemptions in the Lavu Control Panel and apply them on the POS. 

Enabling Tax Exemptions

Before Tax Exemptions can be created in the Control Panel, you must ensure that tax exemptions are allowed in your account.

Follow the below steps to allow tax exemptions.

Once you are logged into your Lavu Control Panel, click Settings on the left and click on Location. Then select Advanced Location Settings


Scroll down to Accounting Settings and enable the setting Allow tax exempt orders

Note: You can also use Ctrl + F and search for “tax-exempt” to jump down to this setting.


Creating Tax Exemptions

Once tax exemptions are enabled on your account, you can follow the steps below to create reasons for those tax exemptions.


Click Settings on the left-hand side and select Payment. Then select Tax Exemptions


Click on the +ADD EXEMPTION button to create a new tax exemption. Provide a Button Title (what your employees will see) and a Receipt Label (what your customers will see), then click the SAVE button.

After you click the SAVE button, the new tax exemption is updated and appears in the list.

If you want to delete any tax exemptions, click the “Cross (X)" button beside each tax exemption.


Usage of Tax Exemption

Once tax exemptions have been created, you can use them on your checkout screen before taking a payment.


While on the checkout screen, tap the menu button in the bottom left corner.


Tap on the Functions and select Checkout Functions.


Tap on the Tax Exempt.


Then tap the tax exemption you want to apply to the order. Note that there is also an Other option, where you can type in a custom reason for a tax exemption.



Note: You can add a tax exemption button to your checkout screen, so instead of navigating through Checkout Functions, you can quickly select Tax Exempt, and this is done through the Checkout Layout Editor page in Location Settings in the Control Panel.



The tax report gives you precise information about taxes applied to your orders. This report can also be used to show orders that have been given tax exemptions.


This report can be found under Reports on the left-hand side in the Control Panel. Click on Sales & Payments, then select Taxes at the top of the screen. 


To see tax-exempt orders, click on Exempt Non-Voided.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email