Time Card Reports

The time card report allows you to view and edit your employee’s time cards anytime. The report tracks attendance, calculates pay (including overtime), and tracks tip and gratuity collection as well.

To access the time cards report, you can either click on End of Day and then select Manage Time Cards or click on Workforce and then select Manage Time Cards. Both buttons will lead you to the same page.


The Manage Time Cards report will default display the current day's time punches. You can change the date using the filters in the top left corner. In addition to preset options like Yesterday and Last 7 Days, you can select a custom date range per your payroll needs.


To export the Time Cards Report, click the blue Options icon, and select an option from the dropdown.


Time Cards: Once you click "Time Cards," a new webpage will open up and showcase the employee's work and pay details. This webpage will display overtime, double time, tips, and gratuity details. Here's an example of what "Time Cards" looks like:

Export Summary: Once you click on "Export Summary," a new sheet will be downloaded showing an overview of the employee's work and payment details. The sheet includes overtime, double time, tips, and gratuity information. Here's an example of what an "Export Summary" sheet looks like.

Export Details: To download a detailed time card report, the "Export Details'' report will provide more detailed information. The detailed report includes an extra field called "External Employee ID." To generate the report, click on "Export Details," and a new document will be downloaded. This document will have all the work and pay details of the employees working in different shifts and designations within the selected time period, including overtime, double time, tips, and gratuity. See below for an example of what the "Export Detail" sheet looks like.

Both of these reports are available in different formats, which may make it easier to upload into your payroll software. Click on either “Export Summary 2” or “Export Details 2” to view these reports. We also have examples of both of these reports below.


Export Summary 2:


Export Details 2: 


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