Using Pizza Creator

A short tutorial article on how to use Lavu's Pizza Creator tool in the menu.

Pizza creator is a menu building tool in Lavu that automatically comes equipped with certain modifications commonly used by pizza restaurants. These include half options, light, and extra modifiers.

This article will show you how to use the pizza creator tool so you can apply it to your own menu.

Creating Forced Modifiers

The first step is to create the forced modifiers you are going to use in Pizza Creator. If you have created Forced Modifier Groups before, this will seem very familiar.

In my example, I have created some generic options for size, crust, and toppings.


Note: I have used choice forced modifiers for my crust and size, but my toppings are a checklist forced modifier. This will be important later when we assemble these modifiers in Pizza Creator.

Enable and Create a Pizza Creator

With our modifiers created, click on Pizza Creator on the left hand side. If you haven't done so already, enable pizza creator using the green Enable button.


Next, click on Edit Creators in the gray bar in the center of the screen, and click Add New to start building a new pizza creator.


Now, give your new pizza creator a name (like BYO Pizza), and click Save.


Your new pizza creator will now be in the gray bar in the center of the screen. Click on it to start adding your forced modifiers to your creator. If you don't see it after clicking save, try refreshing your web page.


To add our newly created forced modifiers to our creator, click the green Add New button, and fill out the following settings.


Name - Gives a name to this section of pizza creator.

Forced Mods - Select the forced modifier you want to be displayed on the POS.

Page - Keep this set at 1.

Display Order - Set this to an appropriate number. You can always change this later if you want to reorganize your pizza creator.

Partial Serving Price - This will affect the price of your pizza toppings when a customer orders half toppings. The default is 0.5 which will cut the price of your topping in half.

Repeat this process for each forced modifier list you want to add to your pizza creator. When you are finished, it should look something like this.


Attach to your Menu

The final step is to attach your pizza creator to a menu item. In my example, I have an item called BYO Pizza. In the forced modifiers dropdown, simply select your pizza creator.


Don't forget to click Save and Reload Settings on your POS to test out your new Pizza Creator. When selecting toppings, notice that you will have the options for half toppings, light, and extra automatically built in.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email .