VP3300 Indicator Lights

A short article detailing the meaning of the VP3300 LED lights

Note: If you use a Vault mobile case with your VP3300, you can view the assembly instructions here


The VP3300 reader has two sets of LED lights. Four on the front, and three on the back. The four LED lights on the front indicate that a transaction is processing with the POS, and when the device is first turned on.

The three lights on the back signify different statuses the reader can be in.


The top LED lights gives you information about the bluetooth connection of your card reader.

  • Off - The card reader is asleep or powered off.
  • Flashing (Normal) - The reader is in standby mode. You will need to press the power button to use the reader again. See more information about Standby Mode below.
  • Flashing (Slow) - The reader is connected and can accept payments

The middle LED light indicates that the card reader is processing a payment.

The bottom LED light gives you information about the device's battery.

  • Off - Battery level is fine and does not need to be charged.
  • Off while connected to charging - The battery is fully charged.
  • Solid Red - The battery is charging.
  • Flashing Orange - The battery is low and needs to be charged.

Standby Mode - When your device is not connected to power and is inactive for 20 seconds, it automatically goes into standby mode to save battery life. Press the power button on the device's side to activate the device. You do not need to pair the device with your tablet; it should automatically reconnect within 15 to 30 seconds.

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