Credit Card Gateways: MenuDrive Pay and LavuPay

Credit Card Gateways: MenuDrive Pay and LavuPay

MenuDrive offers two great credit card processing solutions: LavuPay and MenuDrive Pay. The right one for you depends on your unique business. 


MenuDrive Pay is our proprietary payment system powered by Stripe, the e-commerce infrastructure built for the internet. Unlike competitors that began as in-store processors and then shifted to on-line, Stripe has always been digital first and digital forward.


LavuPay is powered by CardConnect, a leader in the online payments sphere. LavuPay is fully integrated with Lavu POS. When you have LavuPay, Lavu POS, and MenuDrive, you have. a holistic all-in-one system for restaurant operations.


Who is MenuDrive Pay for?

If you are a restaurant owner who is ready to start selling online today, MenuDrive Pay is a great option for you. The application process is quick, you can expect to start accepting credit card payments within minutes of completing the application. And the application is part of the MenuDrive Admin Control Panel! Click here for detailed instructions. 


Who is LavuPay for?

If you are a restaurant owner who wants an all-in-one integrated system LavuPay is the best solution. Fully integrated with Lavu POS, and MenuDrive, and able to handle both online and in person transactions, LavuPay is the choice for you.


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