Epson Printer Error - Failed to Write

A troubleshooting article that will show you three methods for correcting the error message "Failed to Write" on your POS.

A potential error message you could see while using the POS is "Failed to Write". This message appears when you attempt to send a kitchen ticket or receipt to a printer, and the iPad is unable to find your printer.


There are a number of reasons this message could appear, all of which will be covered in this article.

Check the Wifi connection of your iPad

One of the first things you should check is whether or not your iPad is connected to your restaurant's wifi network. If your iPad and printer are not connected to the same network, then your iPad will be unable to print orders and receipts.

What we commonly see is that an iPad will be connected to a guest network, while the printers are connected to your primary restaurant network.

Luckily this issue is easy to correct, as you simply need to reconnect to your primary restaurant's wifi network.

To prevent this issue from happening in the future, we would recommend that you Forget your guest network. To do this, tap on the blue i icon to the right of the network's name, and tap Forget This Network at the top of the screen.


Check that your Printer is Powered On and Plugged In

Another simple fix to this printer error is simply making sure that your printer is plugged in and turned on.

Regardless of which printer model you are using, you should see a solid light (usually green or blue) that indicates the printer is turned on.


If you are using a printer connected to your network with an ethernet cable, you will want to make sure that the cable is securely plugged in, and that you see a green and amber light on either your printer or network router or switch.



Note: If you are using an Epson TM-M30 printer model, there will NOT be lights on the ethernet port. Please refer to your network router's lights to ensure your printer is connected.

If you are using a wireless printer that is connected to Wifi, ensure that the USB adaptor is firmly connected.

Check your Printer's IP Address

For this last step, we will be getting into more technical troubleshooting.

When adding a new printer to your Lavu account, a Lavu support representative will create a printer profile in your Control Panel with an IP address so that your iPad knows where to send a print a job to.

If the IP address of your printer changes, and it is not updated in the Lavu Control Panel, this will cause the Failed to Write error message to appear.

There are many different ways you can check the current IP address of your printer. The simplest, and likely fastest way, will be right from your POS.

  1. Tap the menu button in the bottom left corner and select Settings.
  2. Tap Printers & Displays.
  3. Tap Printer Setup.
  4. Tap either Kitchen or Receipt. You will now see a list of your account's current printer profiles. If one of your printers is not working, you should see a gray test button on the right hand side. If it is working, the test button will be green. printer_setup
  5. To find your printer's current IP address, tap the green Add New button.
  6. Your POS will begin to scan your network for any and all printers. A printer that does not have a profile created for it will look like this: printer_not_assigned

Now that we have discovered the printer's current IP address, we simply need to update it in the printer's profile in your Control Panel.

  1. Log into your Lavu Control Panel at
  2. On the left hand side, click on Settings and select Printers/Technical.
  3. At the top of the page, click on Printers/KDS.
  4. Scroll down to your printer profiles and click on the printer that is not working. printer_profile_select
  5. Next to IP Address, enter the new number you obtained from the POS.
  6. Click Save, and don't forget to Reload Settings on your POS as well. printer_edit_ip_address

Ideally, all printers being used with Lavu POS have a static IP address. Contact our support team to ensure your printers have static IP addresses, that way they won't change.

You can also read our instructions here on how to set a static IP address to your printer.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email .