Item Deposits

A short article showing you how to take deposits on specific items in your menu.

Taking a deposit on an item in your menu allows your customer to pay for 50% of the value of that item.

Meaning if your item normally costs $100, your customer would be allowed to pay a deposit of $50, and your order will automatically close like normal.

This differs from the deposits done in Register Functions, where money is taken from the customer completley separate from any orders. To learn more about Deposits in Register Functions, click here.

Enabling Item Deposits

Before you can take a deposit on an item, you must first enable the setting on that item in the Control Panel.

Find the item you want to take deposits on, and click on the green button labeled Details.


Scroll down to Allow Deposits and select Yes from the dropdown menu.


Now your item is ready to take a deposit.

Using Open Items and Deposit

If you want to maintain control over the exact price your customers pay in a deposit, you may consider using an open price item for this feature.

An open price item allows you to determine the price of your item each time you ring it up on the POS. Simply select Open Price from the dropdown next to Open Item in the Item Details page.


Taking a Deposit on the POS

With your deposit item ready, simply ring the item up on the POS, and navigate to the checkout screen. At the bottom of the screen you will notice two buttons surrounding the order's total called Pay in full and Take Deposit.

Simply tap on Take Deposit and your customer will only be required to pay for half of the total of that item.


It should be noted that while your order will close like a normal order, in reports, this order will be marked as Underpaid. This is to draw your attention to it later so you know your customer still has an amount due on their order.


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