Register Functions - Deposit & Refund Deposit

The Deposit features allow you to take sums of money not attached to orders. This also allows you to take any amount you would like. Deposits are reported separately from any sales in their own report.


To conduct a deposit in the POS, tap on the menu button in the bottom left corner, and tap on  Functions.

Tap on Register Functions.

Tap on Deposit. 

And then click on the Cash Deposit.

Note: If you are processing card transactions through Lavu, you will also have an option for Card Deposit.


To take a deposit, tap on “ADD NEW.” 

You will then be prompted to fill in the information, including name, email, deposit amount, and the reason for the deposit, and then click on the SUBMIT button. 

Once a deposit has been created and paid for, you can search for it using the patron's name, email, or phone number (if provided). 

You can create a new deposit and edit the attached information using the arrow button.

Note: Card Deposits can be carried out with the payment gateways (Bridgepay, Heartland, Vantiv/Mercury, PayPal, and LIP).


Refund Deposit


To refund a deposit, tap on Refund Deposit under Register Functions.

Then tap on the Cash Refund. If you take and refund a deposit paid for with a card, you will see an option for Card Refund.

When you want to refund a deposit, you will first search for the patron using their name or any other information you collected from the patron when you took the deposit.

Once the patron’s information has been pulled up, tap the arrow button on the right. 

The patron’s information will automatically be filled in. Additionally, the amount for the deposit will automatically be set to the total deposit. All you will need to do is enter a reason for the refund.

Important Note: You can only apply a single refund to a deposit. So if you change the refund amount and provide a partial refund, you will be unable to refund the rest later.

Tap Submit, and you will receive a success message.

For further support, please contact our 24/7 customer support team at 833-381-5288 or email