The End of Day Overview Report

A short article detailing what can be found in the End of Day Overview Report

Lavu has two versions of the End of Day report. Click here to learn about the new version of the End of Day report.

The Overview report can be accessed in your Lavu Control Panel underneath End of Day. This report gives you a brief summary of your total sales, discounts, taxes, etc.

There are detailed sections for your Expected Take In (your sales), your Actual Take In (your payments), and a Reconciliation (the difference between your sales and payments).


Along the left hand side is a totals chart that gives you various totals for data like sales, cash payments, tips, and gratuity. This section is great if all you need is one specific number or total.


The rest of the report along the right hand side will provide more detailed information about your sales and payments.

Expected Take In will focus on the menu items that were sold, and anything else that would have affected the total of your orders. This will include taxes, discounts, and charges from gratuity.


Meanwhile, Actual Take In will focus on how your orders were paid. You will see totals for cash payments, card transactions, custom payment methods, tips, and gift card sales if you are using Lavu Gift. You may also see alerts for overpaid, or underpaid orders.


Finally, Reconciliation will simply compare the two numbers. Ideally, your sales and payments are the same number, so you reconciliation number should be $0.00. However, if there is a difference, the reconciliation section will try to explain why. The most common reasons can be unpaid orders, or gift card sales that you won't track until they are redeemed.


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