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POS - Refund a Tip

POS - Refund a Tip

Refunding a Tip

There may be times where you need to conduct a refund on the tip of an order.

This article will take you through the steps to conduct a refund only on the tip, while leaving the base amount of the payment alone.

To review steps on how to start a refund, refer to our article on Voiding or Refunding Payments.

After tapping on the payment and selecting Process Refund, select Other Amount.


The next screen that appears asks you to enter a refund amount. Enter 0.00, and tap the green enter key.


The next screen will ask you how much of the tip you wish to refund


Note: You will only need to do this for transactions that occurred on a previous day. If your waiter/waitress entered the incorrect amount for a tip on the current day, you can have them edit the tip through Server Tips on the POS, or you can edit the amount through Tips & CC Batching page in the Control Panel.
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