Tracking Food & Liquor Costs

A short article showing you how to use Super Groups to track the cost of Food and Liquor in your End of Day report.

Cost percentages for food and liquor can be tracked in the End of Day Report in the Lavu Control Panel. This will make identifying your revenue margins across your menu much easier.

Before this can be done, we need to ensure that ingredients from inventory have been assigned to your menu items, as well as super groups.

Click here to learn how to create ingredients in Lavu's inventory platform.

Click here to learn how to attach those ingredients to your menu items.

Assign Super Groups to either Food or Liquor

In order for the End of Day report to track Food and Liquor costs, we need to assign a type to our super groups. We then need to assign that super group to a menu category or item.

In your Control Panel, click on Menus and then select Super Groups.


Any super groups that you have already created, will be defaulted to NA for their type. Simply click on one of your super groups (or create a new one), and select either FOOD or LIQUOR from the dropdown next to Type.

super_group_liquorClick Submit to save your changes.

Assign Super Groups to Menu Categories

If you haven't already, you will then need to attach your super groups to your menu categories.

Navigate to Menu Items, find the category you wish to add a super group to, and click on Category Details on the right. Scroll down until you find the Super Group Id setting.


Click Apply and then Save to save your menu changes.

Now whenever sales are made, the cost of creating that menu item from your ingredients will be calculated against the price of the menu item, to give you a cost percentage of either Food or Liquor depending on your settings.

To see these percentages, click on End of Day on the left hand side of your Control Panel, and then select Overview v2.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email